If you missed it, Ambitiouz Entertainment and her artistes have hit a snag. The South African label had artistes Emtee, Fifi Cooper and of course, Lyricist of the Year A-Reece and days ago, they all have decided to leave the label. Back story? Ambitiouz Entertainment is a South African independent record label owned and founded by Kgosi Mahumapelo in April 2015. After all the drama of artists leaving Ambitiouz Entertainment, A-reece has decided to hit back at the label with ‘loyal’.

A-reece paints the picture clear on how disappointed he is with the bad treat he got from the stable. Let’s breakdown notable lyrics (the label is in court already for redress).

About being exploited:
LYRICS: Either the rich man nurtures your talent or exploits it

A-reece reveals he don’t give an issh about the contract because he was shown false figures:

LYRICS: And f*** your contract n***a
Should be ashamed you tried to call back n***a
After sitting down and showing me those false ass figures
You a foul ass n***a
Should have seen you from the beginning…you double ass crossing n***a

It is alleged that the label has been buying awards, secondly; Amanda Black’s album which reached platinum (3 weeks after release), still has no plaque. The question is; who actually bought?

LYRICS: these are all facts n***a
Why the f** you pulling B3nchmarq back?
Where the f** ya’all awards stay at?
How come Amanda Black ain’t even seen her plaque?
What the f** is going on? yo let me know, I need some answers n***a

Regardless of numerous bookings throughout a month, A-reece reveals he was paid just under R20 000..

LYRICS: Getting monthly pay of less than 20k was never in our plan, it don’t match up

Ambitiouz staff shining more than the artists….
LYRICS: PR buying cars before the artist with our rack cities…

Listen for yourself below: