Pryse: The industry might not be fair to female artistes

Pryse talks with Pulse about her new found path since leaving Chocolate City ‘amicably’ as well as the industry not supporting female artistes enough. ‘A typical show would have 2 female artistes – if we are lucky. I think there are female artistes doing well,’ she said.

Watch video below:

A-Q: ‘Rappers are the problems affecting hip hop in Nigeria’

Rapper AQ with the new jam ‘Jazzman’ says: “9Nigerian) Rappers are the problems affecting hip hop in Nigeria” on PlanetRadio TV. Watch!

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Brand new KRS-One Playing on Africa’s Rap only Radio – #tvDRadio

Legendary lyricist KRS-One might want to double check the facts behind his future rhymes after putting out the track “Hip Hop Speaks From Heaven,” from his latest album, The World is Mind.

He mistakenly honors the wrong Beastie Boy in this latest single, which pays tribute to fallen rappers like Tupac, Biggie and A Tribe Called Quest’s Phife Dawg.

“Like a late fog in the mist/ I see King Ad-Rock and rest in peace Nate Dogg/ Their names and their natures will last … When it comes to Hip Hop/ Here’s the lesson/ Start praising your own people/ Hip Hop speaks from heaven,” he raps.
Beastie Boy Ad-Rock, contrary to KRS-One’s verse, is still alive. It was member Adam “MCA” Yauch who passed away after a battle with cancer in 2012.

The single and a number of other tracks off the album have been scheduled for airplay on tvD Radio, so be sure to tune in and follow @hiphoptvd to listen in.

Buy the ‘World is Mine’ album.

Cassper Nyovest’s #Thuto album now streamin’ non-stop on #tvDRADIO

#tvDRADIO is Africa’s only rap radio streaming 24/7 on and we have the entire Cassper Nyovest’s #Thuto album streaming alongside the hot rap tracks from AKA, Anatii, A-Reece, A-Q and the very best you should be listening to.  Check on it and kindly this on your Twitter and Facebook page.

Streamin’ now: | Buy #Thuto on iTunes here

Nasty C disqualified from SAMAs, Kwesta is now the most nominated

Nasty C’s earlier nominated music videos for Good Girls and Don’t Do It have been removed from the South African Music Awards (SAMAs) nominations after several outrage online that the music videos do not qualify. The videos didn’t air within the time frame for award consideration.

“Our investigations have revealed that the videos were submitted for entry on 24 January 2017. We have further determined that the videos were not flighted before the closing date of the entries of 31 January 2017 as required by the SAMA rules.

“In light of this, the two music videos are automatically disqualified because they do not meet the criteria for Best Music Video Category,” organisers said in a statement.

Nasty C’s disqualification means Kwesta is now the most nominated artiste for the award with 6 nominations while Nasty C drops to 5.

Nasty C’s rival Malinga has also taken shades at him. Well, that’s if Malinga’s latest comments are anything to go by.

Malinga fired a string of fresh shots at the Hell Naw hitmaker. In a string of tweets Malinga celebrated Nasty’s disqualification.

The kickmaster said that Nasty was a “late comer” and even alluded that maybe it was a case of ‘karma’ at play.

“Well done @kwestadakar [Kwesta] we recognize you, lion of judah is intervening now,” Malinga said.

There’s everything to be excited about Cassper Nyovest’s ‘Thuto’ album!

South Africa’s most successful rapper Cassper Nyovest would be releasing his new album ‘Thuto’ on the 7th of May while his also his sister’s birthday. While some of his friends have gotten the album already, Cassper has finally dropped the album track list for the rest of us. Cassper releases Thuto album track list.

A few features on the album from his Family Tree artists. One with Nadia Nakai on the track, ‘Top Shayela’ and two songs featuring Tshego. There’s also an interlude by Riky Rick. And it looks like Nasty C didn’t make in time to make the cut.

Thuto consists of 16 track album with Tito Mboweni declared as the worst song on the album by Cassper.
See the track list below:

Jay Z to Frank Ocean: Radio is supposed to be instruments for the arts

Frank Ocean launched a #BlondedRadio on Beats 1 and his first guest was Jay Z who interesting spoke about modern radio ‘working’ for the advertising agencies and demography instead of the art.

Here is a transcript for what he said:

“Radio, for instance, is pretty much an advertisement model,” he said in one clip. “You take these pop stations. They’re reaching 18-34 young white female, so they’re playing music based on those tastes. They’re taking those numbers and going to advertising agencies. People are paying numbers based on the audience they have. These places are not even based on music. Their playlists are not based on music. A person like Bob Marley, right now, probably wouldn’t play on the pop station, which is crazy. It’s not even about the DJ discovering what music is best.”

“There should be a better way that music, musicians, radio, and these things that are supposed to be instruments for the arts, should exist and it shouldn’t be about advertisements,” he said. “The more times someone like yourself can bypass that, it’s better for the arts, and it’s better for the audience because you have to have a level of discipline and a belief to put music out in this place. People want to shoot for that and then they’re making music that’s not really conditioned to who they are so they can reach a certain platform.”

Frank and Jay gave collaborated on songs like “No Church in the Wild,” “Oceans,” and “Made in America.”
Hypocritical since Jay Z has always been a radio darling or ‘word’ as he has had to play the politics for this airplays? Your thoughts.?

Nicki Minaj’s ‘dumb’ response at Remy Ma’s ‘Shether’ Diss

That is Remy Ma’s new diss at Nicki Minaj.

Nicki Minaj has been taking subs at Remy Ma. Nicki is eatured on Gucci Mane’s new track ‘Make Love’ where she gets personal, rapping: “You the queen of this here?.. One platinum plaque, album flopped, bitch, where?” Currently, Remy only has one platinum plaque (for her Fat Joe collaboration “All the Way Up”) and a debut album There’s Something About Remy that undersold at the time of its 2005 release. Minaj appears to double down on that angle later in the verse: “Silly wabbit, to be the queen of rap / You gotta sell records, you gotta get plaques / S, plural.”

Also on “Swalla” bu Jason Derulo, the cut seems to aim at Remy: “I gave these bitches two years, now your time’s up,” raps Minaj. “Bless her heart, she throwin’ shots, but every line sucks.” Pointing to Remy’s release from prison in August of 2014, just two and a half years ago.

Now Remy Ma has unleashed “shETHER,” a seven-minute diss aimed at the Young Money star.

The scathing track, which is a play on Nas’ “Ether” diss towards Jay Z, pulls no punches and even starts with a clip of Nicki Minaj screaming “Free Remy.” From there, the shots are plenty.

“I told you I wasn’t talking about your dumb ass,” she raps. “It look stupid, you literally got a dumb ass…Let’s be honest, you stole that line about bitches being your sons / How you take my ’09 jail tweet and run / Talking about, bringing knives to a fight with guns / When the only shot you ever took was in your buns.” She references Meek Mill, Drake, Lil Wayne and Safarie.

Then there is this: “To be the queen of rap you gotta actually rap / The whole industry know that for you, it’s a wrap / No, to be queen of rap, you can’t have a ghostwriter / That’s why, this is my house, Flo Rida / Ni**as done seen Drake pennin’, Wayne pennin’ / And since your first boyfriend left, bitch ain’t winnin’ / You an internet troll, I’m sorry / You can’t get her online without Safaree.”\

Nicki Minaj responded just how many suspected (I honestly think it is dumb), she responded to Remy’s diss track by posting the underwhelming sales figures for Remy’s joint album with Fat Joe, Plata O Plomo. “yikes,” she wrote in the caption. Now she has deleted the post but see screenshot below: