HHP, Teargas & Liquideep – Born for this

This is still considered as one of the best collaborations in South African music scene featuring veteran HHP. Interestingly,
Hip Hop Pantsula (HHP), real name Jabulani Tsambo said he tried to commit suicide three times in 2015 in a radio interview.

He said the first two suicide attempts came as he was struggling to get gigs and radio stations were not playing his music anymore.

“I thought to myself, radio is starting to play trap music only and I cannot do trap music,” as a result, he says he felt like a loser.

On the first attempt, Jabba said he waited for his children to go to school, went into his garage and tried committing suicide through carbon monoxide poisoning, which did not work after an hour of inhaling the gas. He then asked his friend for his car to attempt the suicide again, which did not work.

The third and last time he tried suicide was after he had a “silly” fight with his girlfriend. He waited for her to leave the house and tried helium poisoning which also failed.

HHP said he had prepared for his death as he called his financial manager before and asked him if they covered suicide, he said he made sure his son’s education fund was also in check as he could go to school until he was 28.

HPP, however, said he tried counselling first before suicide attempts but could not continue as they were expensive.

After the suicide attempts, HHP says he heard a voice tell him “If you really want to die, you need to live”, that’s when he decided to stop with his attempts.

So glad he is dealing with it (hope he still is).

Here is HHP Teargas & Liquideep “Born for this” music video shot by Gorilla FIlms and directed by Justin Campos: