Illbliss & Teck-Zilla are ILLYZILLA. The two men come together to form a group named IllyZilla and also create the self titled project to go with it. The former member of the 5-man rap group Thorobreds holds sway on all 6 tracks showing that he can pull through when he gets in his rap bag. In late December 2018, both joined forces to record the six track self titled EP , a project that was conceived and recorded btw Dec 26th-31st. Sonically, ILLYZILLA is smooth and soulful, a throw back to golden era hiphop, heavily reliant on samples and Boom bap drums!

IllBliss holds down the fort on his own with his authoritative and booming voice on all 6 tracks. Starting with the aspirational “Be Great”, IllBliss encourages self reliance no matter the difficulties you may be facing and just stand tall. “We Are Not Mates” aims to separate the wheat from the chaff as the duo set standards regarding the quality and substance they represent. “Synergy (Iteriba)” has that street vibe, no holds barred feel over a cinema backdrop and cuts by Teck-Zilla to solidify the statement. “Queens” sees Illbliss pay tribute to his wife over a smooth soulful beat that switches up when singer Uzezi comes through the hook with an unorthodox performance, also along for the ride is Str8Buttah affiliate Phlow who delivers her own take on the matter.

“DON” takes the listener on a journey of being one with the hustle, struggle and eventual come up. We all have to put our chin up and face the world like a don to really succeed.

“Lead Or Follow” wraps the EP with it’s dark, organ driven vibe and helps bring it home as Bliss stays the course breaking down his views and stance on the game and then some.

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